Publisher Poplar to Send Authors to Tohoku Shelters

By Sako Ikegami, Kobe

One of Japan’s top children’s publishers, Poplar Sha, will be sending some of their best-loved writers to read to children in the disaster zones.

What better way to comfort these kids? They will hear their favorite books read aloud by the writers who created those very characters. These writers will include:

  • Hara Yutaka, who created the bestselling “Kaiketsu Zorori” (Zorori the Flamboyant Thief), a manga-like early reader series (sample, click book icon in upper right hand corner).
  • Kadono Eiko, author of “Obake no Acchi“(Acchi the Ghost) series, illustrated by , another early also known as the writer of the original novels which became the basis for the famous Miyazaki anime, Kiki’s Delivery Service
  • Miyanishi Tatsuya penned the picture book series starring a hungry, yet loving, T. Rex in, “Omae Umasoudana (You sure look tasty)” and eight other books.
  • Nasu Masamoto‘s “Zukkoke Sanningumi (Slapstick Threesome)” is one of Japan’s longest running series which began with the story of three sixth-graders in 1978, and expanded to almost sixty volumes to date, including more recent “reunion books” where the “boys” are now in their forties.
  • Iso Miyuki has written a variety of picture books for younger readers, including translations.

These events will take place some time in mid-April and the announcement is presently on Poplar Sha’s website (in Japanese). They will soon be setting up a form where shelters can submit requests for a visit from these writers.

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