SingTel Asian Picture Book Award Competition Open to Translations

The SingTel Asian Picture Book Award will be given for the first time in 2013.  Entries of unpublished, Asian-themed picture books up to 500 words are being accepted until December 31.

Entries must be in English, but the competition is open to translated works, and thanks to SCBWI Tokyo member Naomi Kojima, there is also a Japanese entry form.

Here is the Japanese entry form: Japanese translation SingTel2013 Entry Form2013

Japanese authors and illustrators who seek a translator for this competition are encouraged to email SCBWI Tokyo Translation Group: contact (a)


シングテル・アジア絵本賞2013 和訳応募要項 ・応募フォームはこちら:応募フォーム

SCBWI Tokyo Translation Groupでは優秀なネイティブ文芸翻訳者が英訳のお手伝いをします。ご希望の方は contact (at) 宛にメールでご連絡下さい。

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