A New Name and an Updated Publications Page

By Avery Fischer Udagawa, Bangkok

SCBWI Tokyo is now SCBWI Japan!

Accordingly, SCBWI Tokyo Translation Group has become SCBWI Japan Translation Group, as reflected in our blog name. References to SCBWI Tokyo remain in earlier posts.

In tandem with our name change, we announce our updated Publications page.

This page lists all SCBWI member translators and publishers in our network. Click on each book cover image to view the translator or publisher’s profile and a full list of his/her publications for children and teens.

Edward Lipsett profile

If you are a translator or publisher of Japanese children’s literature in English and become a member of SCBWI, please inform us so we can add you to our blog pages and our email listserv, which reaches three dozen J-to-E translators and publishers interested in children’s literature.

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