Asian Festival of Children’s Content 2016 to Feature Japan

AFCC 2016 Country of Focus- JapanThe next Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC)—set for May 25–29, 2016, in Singapore—will feature Japan as Country of Focus. A slate of speakers from Japan will offer sessions in a full program rarely seen even within Japan.

SCBWI will introduce AFCC at an event in Tokyo on November 9, 2015. Of Asia and Children’s Books: The 2016 Asian Festival of Children’s Content will feature AFCC Chair Claire Chiang, who will describe the festival. Vice Director of the Chihiro Art Museum Yuko Takesako will present the 2016 Country of Focus: Japan offerings. Finally, Australian author Ken Spillman, Philippines-based agent Andrea Pasion-Flores, and Brunei Darussalam Library Association President Nellie Sunny will give a taste of AFCC with a panel on children’s books and publishing in Asia.

All with an interest in Asian children’s content are welcome, regardless of ability to attend AFCC.

For further reading, write-ups of past AFCCs by SCBWI Japan members are here:

AFCC 2015: SCBWI Japan blog post and SCBWI Japan Translation Group blog post

AFCC 2014: SCBWI Japan Translation Group blog series

AFCC 2013: Carp Tales Spring 2013 issue, pp. 5–7 (PDF)

AFCC 2012: Carp Tales Summer 2012 issue, p. 11 (PDF)

AFCC 2011: Carp Tales Spring/Summer 2011 issue, p. 11 (PDF)

AFCC 2010, inaugural conference: Carp Tales Spring/Summer 2010 issue, p. 13 (PDF)

To reserve a place for the November 9 event, please email japan(at) by November 8.





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