News on Children of Tohoku

Local wisdom a lifesaver for kids

Local teaching tsunami tendenko saved children’s lives in Kamaishi, Iwate. (The Daily Yomiuri, 29 March 2011)

Man’s dying wish saves children’s lives

A city councillor in Ofunato, Iwate, succeeded in getting a bridge built to help elementary students evacuate before a tsunami. He died nine days before the earthquake, but dozens of children climbed to safety on the bridge, including his three grandchildren. (Asahi Shimbun, 29 March 2011; in Japanese)

Survivors strive to start picking up the pieces

Orphaned teenager Matsuya still searches for his younger brother in Rikuzentakata, Iwate. (The Japan Times, 27 March 2011)

Tsunami’s children

An aid worker’s account of how children in Japan’s disaster-struck regions are coping. Includes a look at a kindergarten in Sendai, Miyagi. (OPEN Magazine, 26 March 2011)

“Cinderella baby” cheers evacuees

In Onagawa, Miyagi, one-year-old Tsumiki encourages fellow evacuees in a shelter by sweeping the floors. (Sankei News, 18 March 2011; in Japanese)


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