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IJET 2014: SCBWI Japan Translation Group Connects with SWET and Yamaneko Honyaku Club

IJET 25 TokyoThis summer brought IJET 2014: the 25th-anniversary conference of JAT (Japan Association of Translators), held for the first time ever in Tokyo. SCBWI Japan Translation Group was there! Thanks to SWET (the Society of Writers, Editors and Translators), SCBWI members displayed materials at a shared table and enjoyed a SWET-SCBWI networking lunch. Also displayed were materials of Yamaneko Honyaku Club, whose members translate children’s literature from English into Japanese.

SCBWI Japan Translation Group focuses on translation of children’s lit from Japanese into English, but we sometimes receive queries for translations into Japanese, and always refer them to Yamaneko Honyaku Club. We treasure our bond with SWET, a haven for all who write, edit, and translate in English about Japan. And we thank JAT for prompting this meet-up at IJET!

Top: SWET-SCBWI luncheon at IJET. Bottom: Wendy Uchimura and Sako Ikegami with George Bourdaniotis. Photos courtesy George Bourdaniotis and SWET.

Top: SWET-SCBWI lunch at IJET. Bottom: Wendy Uchimura and Sako Ikegami with George Bourdaniotis of SWET. Photos courtesy SWET.

SCBWI Japan Translation Group and Yamaneko Honyaku Club materials on display. Photo by Sako Ikegami.

SCBWI Japan Translation Group and Yamaneko Honyaku Club materials on display. Books are translations by SCBWI Japan members (J to E) and Yamaneko members (E to J). Photo by Sako Ikegami.


Translators to Appear at 2014 Events in Singapore, Tokyo, LA, Yokohama

Members and friends of SCBWI Japan Translation Group will appear at several events in coming months. Here is a sampling!

AFCC logoAFCC in Singapore (30 May–4 June 2014)

Cathy Hirano, translator of acclaimed novels by Noriko Ogiwara, Kazumi Yumoto, and Nahoko Uehashi—winner of the 2014 Hans Christian Andersen Award for Writing—will appear at the 2014 Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC), Singapore.

On 3 June, Cathy will present the session “Found in Translation: Asian Content for the World’s Children,” discussing why young readers need Asian stories and how translators can “channel” the voices of Asian authors. She will also join a roundtable discussion called “Go West: Translations for North American and European Markets,” focused on challenges that translators face when taking their work overseas. Cathy will join panelists Cheryl Robson, founder of Aurora Metro Books (UK), and Stacy Whitman, founder and publisher of Tu Books, an imprint of Lee & Low Books (US). Also attending AFCC at Singapore’s National Library will be Paul Quirk of SCBWI Japan Translation Group.

IJET 25 TokyoIJET in Tokyo (21–22 June 2014) 

Sako Ikegami, translator of works by Ryusuke Saito, and Alexander O. Smith, translator of Batchelder Award winner Brave Story by Miyuki Miyabe, will present at IJET-25, the 25th annual conference of the Japan Association of Translators (JAT), in Tokyo.

At IJET, Sako will speak about both medical translation and “Teen Angst—Painful, Moving in Any Tongue,” a topic of keen interest to young adult (YA) translators. Sako’s session description alone deserves a look by wordsmiths in the category. Alex will speak about the paradoxically liberating restrictions on translation of video games, manga and other forms of entertainment. Also attending IJET will be Deborah Iwabuchi and Wendy Uchimura, among many others.

SCBWI Summer Conference, Los Angeles (31 July–4 August 2014)

Avery Fischer Udagawa will attend this year’s SCBWI Summer Conference in LA thanks to a Tribute Fund scholarship. She will trawl for info on how to publish more children’s translations from Japan in English; she also hopes to connect with translators from other languages. Inquiries are welcome via her website or SCBWI Japan.

SCBWI Summer Conference 2014

Translation Day in Yokohama  (18 October 2014)

This just in! SCBWI Japan plans its next Translation Day on 18 October 2014 in Yokohama. As in 2010 and 2012, Translation Day 2014 will include presentations, critiques, and conversation for published and pre-published translators of Japanese children’s literature into English. Featured speakers will include Juliet Winters Carpenter, a prolific translator of everything from folktales to poetry to novels—including A True Novel by Minae Mizumura, which just won the 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Award’s Grand Prize in Fiction. Is this retelling of Wuthering Heights set in postwar Japan a YA novel? Join us at Yokohama International School to find out!